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A 500-foot bridge spans 520 in Redmond, connecting to the under-construction Overlake Village Station.

Fresh pics: Making car-free connections in Redmond

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New bridges for pedestrians and cyclists are rising over Redmond as part of the East Link Extension. 

Crossing over SR 520 between 148th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 40th Street, one of bridges will connect the future Overlake Village Station to the neighborhoods and businesses west of SR 520. 

Crews installed the two steel truss sections of the bridge last month. And if the work seemed to happen overnight, it's because it did!

Check out a time-lapse video of Sound Transit contractor Kiewit-Hoffman Joint Venture using a mobile crane to install the first 106-foot-long half of the structure:

The bridge spans approximately 240 feet over SR 520, and with approaches and ramps, totals nearly 500 feet in length. It will also feature an art installation by local artist Leo Berk.

A large bridge crosses over highway SR 520 in Redmond. Several cars are driving on the road. New tracks for light rail can also be seen on the south side of the freeway.
This bridge connects the Overlake neighborhood to the SR 520 trail, the Bridal Trails neighborhood and the southwest Microsoft campus. 
Blue skies and white clouds can be seen in the background of this photo of the entrance to the new pedestrian bridge at Overlake Village Station.
The Overlake Village Station bridge is funded by the City of Redmond.

Another pedestrian/bicycle bridge is under construction at Redmond Technology Station. This bridge, which also spans SR 520, is owned and operated by Microsoft. 

Besides the station, the bridge will connect two Microsoft campus areas and the SR 520 trail. 

East Link service begins in 2023, and construction has reached more than 75 percent completion. 

When the extension opens in 2023, riders will be able to travel to downtown Bellevue in nine minutes, to Pioneer Square Station in 30 minutes and to SeaTac Airport in 62 minutes. 

We're excited to connect light rail to the Eastside in just a few short years!

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