Redmond Technology Station

Connecting Redmond technology jobs to light rail.
Project map and surrounding area for Redmond Technology Station

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Located along SR 520 at the Overlake Transit Center site, this station provides increased parking for 300 cars and covered facilities for 100 bicycles. A bicycle/pedestrian bridge designed and funded by Microsoft spans SR 520, connecting the station to jobs and housing north of the freeway. This is the final station for the East Link Extension that opens in 2023. Extending the line to downtown Redmond, two additional stations open in 2024.

Travel time: Overlake Transit Center to Mercer Island - 20 minutes


  • South Bellevue Station to Redmond Technology Center: 2024 

  • South Bellevue Station to International District/Chinatown Station: 2025* 

*February 2024 update:  

In August 2023, the Sound Transit Board voted for a phased approach to opening the East Link Extension, beginning with providing 2 Line service between South Bellevue and Redmond Technology stations in spring 2024. The 2 Line, which is not affected by quality issues related to construction, ahead of the I-90 segment.  

The remainder of East Link, that crosses I-90 and includes opening Judkins Park and Mercer Island Stations is expected to open in 2025. 

Station art

PROJECT: Bus Transit Center - Garage Ceiling
ARTIST: Kate Sweeney (Seattle, WA)
DESCRIPTION: The algorithm known as the Apollonian Gasket serves as the organizing structure of Sweeney's work – a nod to the technology community surrounding the station. The algorithm, named after the mathematician Apollonius of Perga, is a fractal generated from a collection of tangent circles contained within a single larger circle. The sculptures will hang like clouds over the bus waiting areas, creating a lively and engaging space for patrons transferring between buses and light rail.

ARTIST: Dan Webb (Seattle, WA)
DESCRIPTION: Webb is working on a monumental stone sculpture for the Redmond Technology Station's north entrance. An accomplished wood sculptor, Webb has taken the opportunity of this commission to explore a material better suited for an outdoor location: granite. Webb will cut his sculpture from a massive Cascade granite boulder, and will appear as if it is pushing itself apart with carved hands that emerge from within.