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Looking down at the Roosevelt Station platform from above.
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Looking down at the Roosevelt Station platform from above.

Fresh pics: Take a 360 photo tour of new Northgate Link light rail stations

U District, Roosevelt and Northgate stations opening in September

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We're in the home stretch on the Northgate Link Extension

Today we announced that the new stations in the Northgate, Roosevelt and University District neighborhoods are substantially complete

Back in December we rolled out a 360-degree photo tour of U District Station; today we've got new photo tours of Northgate and Roosevelt stations. 

Work on the line has shifted to completing and testing the communications and fire/life/safety systems and testing trains along the 4.3 mile extension. 

We're still working out opening day details - please subscribe to The Platform and follow our social channels to stay in the know. 

The 360-degree photos below correspond with the callouts on the station illustrations.

The Northgate and Roosevelt photos are from early January, the U District shots are from last October. 

Use your fingers or mouse to look around the individual shots, no special viewer or software needed.

They're amazing and we look forward to taking you to more place as we emerge from the pandemic and get back to normal this year (fingers crossed).

Want to jump right into full 360 photo galleries? Here's the full gallery for Northgate, Roosevelt and U District.

Northgate Station

A side view drawing of Northgate Station.
Side view of Northgate Station. See below for 360 photos of callout area.

 1. View from the south plaza.

2. Mezzanine area.

3. Platform view. Sunsets through the stained glass are going to be amazing

4. Sunny view from the south end of the platform.

Roosevelt Station

Side cutaway view of Roosevelt Station.
Side cutaway view of Roosevelt Station with callouts of the photos below.

1. South entrance featuring the reclaimed Standard Radio neon sign that adorned the building that stood on the site of the new station.

2. View from the mid mezzanine level where you can have a birds-eye view of the platform and station area above.

3. View from the platform - all aboard!


U District Station

Side cutaway view of University District Station
Side view of U District Station. See below for 360 photos of corresponding areas.


1. Outside the north entrance

2. Inside the south entry


3. At the mezzanine landing level


4: At the base of the north escalator, platform level


5: Center of platform level

Hopefully this isn't your first time seeing the stations or learning about the Northgate Link Extension. 

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