A worker smooths concrete on the new light rail tracks leading into the International District/Chinatown Station from the Eastside.
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A worker smooths concrete on the new light rail tracks leading into the International District/Chinatown Station from the Eastside.

Get ready for weekend Link closures in April

Connecting East Link power requires partial shutdown

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Weekend Link riders should prepare for delays during the month of April, when East Link construction will close stations between SODO and University of Washington.

Free Link Shuttle buses will operate instead of Link for all stations north of SODO each weekend from April 2 through May 2.

A map showing the stations that will be served by free shuttle buses while Link is closed north of SODO Station to connect East Link with the main line.
Free shuttle buses will run between SODO and University of Washington Station serving all Link stations.

During these closures, crews will connect the overhead catenary power and train signal systems for East Link to the existing system. 

East Link opens in 2023 connecting the Eastside to Seattle with hassle-free Link light rail

This follows up the Connect 2020 work last year that joined East Link track to the main line.

A map showing where East Link connects with the existing system at the Chinatown-International District Station.

 Closures will begin at 10 p.m. on Fridays and continue until 4 a.m. Mondays on the following weekends:

  • April 2-4
  • April 9-11
  • April 16-18
  • April 23-25
  • April 30-May 2

Link will run from Angle Lake Station to SODO Station every 15 minutes, and Link Shuttle buses between SODO Station and UW Station will run every 10 minutes over the weekends, and every 15 minutes on Friday nights.

Fares will be required for Link, but not for the Link Shuttle buses.

The trip between SODO Station and University of Washington could take up to 45 minutes, so riders should plan extra time to get to their destinations, especially if they are planning to attend Mariners or Sounders home games those weekends.

Riders should look for signs directing them to Link Shuttle bus stops and for “Link Shuttle” on the bus destination signage.

During busy times, Sound Transit ambassadors will be available at Link Shuttle stops to direct and assist riders.

To make the most of the closure time, and to minimize future disruption, crews will also take care of regular maintenance activities, remove the temporary center platform at Pioneer Square station, and do some testing for Northgate Link, which will open this fall.

Face coverings are required on Link and on the Link Shuttle buses consistent with public health directives.

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