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Link, Sounder trains make music video tracks

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If you watch local music videos, you know that sometimes the backdrop is a moving one. Orchestral-pop favorite Hey Marseilles filmed much of its music video for Heart Beats onboard Link light rail.

"The concept was to create a sense of daily life in an urban city, and many of us rely on public transit to get around. Light rail was great because it gave us a great variety of locations," said Hayley Young, photographer for Heart Beats music video. "It seems to me that Sound Transit is genuinely interested in connecting with the community."

Hip-hop group Blue Scholars used a Sounder train to create Zoomin through the Sound, a music video for Sound Transit about train safety. We're proud that Zoomin was awarded a regional Emmy award for community public service announcements, and earned more than 130,000 YouTube hits within two months of its release.

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