K-9 Luna works for the King County Sheriff’s Office, Sound Transit Police Division.
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K9 Luna works for the King County Sheriff’s Office, Sound Transit Police Division.

Meet K-9 Luna, Sound Transit's cutest employee

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Today, many pet parents and their four-legged friends will celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day. For our hardworking K9 police dogs and officers, that’s every day! 

Sound Transit’s Explosive Detection canines are integral to the work of our deputies, who are part of the King County Sheriff's Office.

K9 Luna, a 45 pound, 3.5 year old Lab /Australian Shepard Mix, loves going to work. She and Deputy Kristi Bridgman have been paired together since August 2017. 

K9 Luna’s primary job is to keep the public transit commuters of Greater Seattle and King County safe by sniffing for explosive devices during her daily checks of Link light rail vehicles, Sounder trains, buses and stations.

“We do a lot of maintenance training which involves searching buildings, vehicles, open areas and of course, trains,” Bridgman said. 

King County Sheriff Deputy Kristi Bridgman and K-9 Luna do daily checks of our trains.
King County Sheriff Deputy Kristi Bridgman and K9 Luna do daily checks of our trains.

K9 Luna is all business at work but will, on occasion and when asked first, accept a pet or two. 

When Luna is off duty, she plays with the other dogs at her house. Bridgman said that though she has a “mellow, calming demeanor, she can go from Luna to Lunatic in two seconds when the ball comes out!” 

Despite her relative small stature and sweetness, Bridgman said that she is “definitely the boss of the other dogs and the primary protector of the home.”

Luna and Bridgman also love getting out into the community, especially as huge supporters of Special Olympics Washington

Thanks to Luna and the rest of our K9 team for putting their best paws forward to keep our riders safe! 

Safety contact information - text us in a non-emergency

In an emergency, always call 911.

But for anything else, you can text Sound Transit Security if you see something that is making you or your fellow riders feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

The Security Desk is staffed 24/7 and you can text them at: 206-398-5268. 

Save it in your contacts! Or use email.

If you are contacting security from a train, note the direction you’re traveling and your car number. That way we know what train to board at the next station.
The car numbers are high on the wall inside either end of every car, for example 115A, 115B, etc.

To contact Sound Transit Police (King County Sheriff), call 206-903-7676 for customer service and non-emergency situations, and 206-296-3311 for Uniform Patrol Response, or after hours. 

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