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Sounder south gets better than ever with new trips starting 9/25

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South King and Pierce County commuters get more options for taking the train to work starting Monday, September 25th. Two new roundtrips are being added between Seattle-Lakewood, bringing the total number of roundtrips in South King and Pierce Counties up to 13 per weekday.

With stations in Seattle, Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, Sumner, Puyallup, Tacoma, South Tacoma and Lakewood - Sounder has become a lifeline for south sound commuters since it launched with just two round trips in 2000. Today more than 15,000 riders a day rely on Sounder to let them bypass sitting in traffic getting to and from Seattle.

Not only will riders have more choices, but the trains will come more often as well.

During peak hours, Sounder trains will arrive as often as every 20 minutes.  

Here's everything you need to know to get started or point your friends to learn more abou taking Sounder. 

Sounder fares are based on how far you travel. The adult fare to ride from Lakewood to Seattle is $5.75 and decreases from there.

Get a new ORCA card to make seamless transfers between Sounder and your connecting routes in Seattle or back home. It's the easiest way to pay to ride Sound Transit, Pierce Transit Kitsap Transit, Seattle Street Car, King County Metro and Washington State Ferries.

Parking/Getting to/from the stations
Parking at Sounder stations fills early. Check your Sounder station page for details on parking availability and at each station along with information on connecting bus routes. 

Better yet, find someone to share the ride and reserve your carpool spot at select Sounder Station for just $5 a month! A guaranteed spot for $5, what's not to love? 

New Sounder Schedule - effective Sept. 25, 2017

Train No Lakewood South Tacoma Tacoma Puyallup Station Sumner Station Auburn Station Kent Station Tukwila Station Seattle
1500 4:36am 4:41am 4:50am 5:03am 5:08am 5:18am 5:25am 5:32am 5:52am
1502 5:01am 5:06am 5:15am 5:28am 5:33am 5:43am 5:50am 5:57am 6:17am
1504 5:26am 5:31am 5:40am 5:53am 5:58am 6:08am 6:15am 6:22am 6:42am
1506 5:46am 5:51am 6:00am 6:13am 6:18am 6:28am 6:35am 6:42am 7:02am
1508 6:06am 6:11am 6:20am 6:33am 6:38am 6:48am 6:55am 7:02am 7:22am
1510 6:26am 6:31am 6:40am 6:53am 6:58am 7:08am 7:15am 7:22am 7:42am
1512 6:46am 6:51am 7:00am 7:13am 7:18am 7:28am 7:35am 7:42am 8:02am
1514 : : 7:20am 7:33am 7:38am 7:48am 7:55am 8:02am 8:22am
1516 : : 7:50am 8:03am 8:08am 8:18am 8:25am 8:32am 8:52am
1518 10:16am 10:21am 10:30am 10:43am 10:48am 10:58am 11:05am 11:12am 11:32am
1520 : : 4:06pm 4:18pm 4:23pm 4:33pm 4:40pm 4:47pm 5:07pm
1522 : : 4:30pm 4:42pm 4:47pm 4:57pm 5:04pm 5:11pm 5:31pm
1524 : : 5:15pm 5:27pm 5:32pm 5:42pm 5:49pm 5:56pm 6:16pm


Train No Seattle Tukwila Station Kent Station Auburn Station Sumner Station Puyallup Station Tacoma South Tacoma Lakewood
1501 6:05am 6:18am 6:25am 6:32am 6:42am 6:47am 7:06am : :
1503 6:35am 6:48am 6:55am 7:02am 7:12am 7:17am 7:36am : :
1505 7:55am 8:08am 8:15am 8:22am 8:32am 8:37am 8:52am 9:01am 9:11am
1507 2:35pm 2:48pm 2:55pm 3:02pm 3:12pm 3:17pm 3:37pm : :
1509 3:15pm 3:28pm 3:35pm 3:42pm 3:52pm 3:57pm 4:17pm : :
1511 3:35pm 3:48pm 3:55pm 4:02pm 4:12pm 4:17pm 4:30pm 4:39pm 4:51pm
1513 3:55pm 4:08pm 4:15pm 4:22pm 4:32pm 4:37pm 4:57pm : :
1515 4:15pm 4:28pm 4:35pm 4:42pm 4:52pm 4:57pm 5:10pm 5:19pm 5:31pm
1517 4:35pm 4:48pm 4:55pm 5:02pm 5:12pm 5:17pm 5:30pm 5:39pm 5:51pm
1519 4:55pm 5:08pm 5:15pm 5:22pm 5:32pm 5:37pm 5:50pm 5:59pm 6:11pm
1521 5:20pm 5:33pm 5:40pm 5:47pm 5:57pm 6:02pm 6:15pm 6:24pm 6:36pm
1523 5:45pm 5:58pm 6:05pm 6:12pm 6:22pm 6:27pm 6:40pm 6:49pm 7:01pm
1525 6:30pm 6:43pm 6:50pm 6:57pm 7:07pm 7:12pm 7:25pm 7:34pm 7:46pm


Now that you've got your train picked out, please sign up for rider alerts for your Sounder trip to keep up to be the first to know about rider news for that trip.

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