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A rider tapping their ORCA card before boarding a train

New beeps coming to an ORCA reader near you!

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Heads up Link and Sounder riders – the familiar “beep” coming from ORCA readers when you tap off after exiting the train has changed.

Merry Christmas!

Link and Sounder fares are based on how far you travel. So we ask you tap your card before boarding the train and again when you get off so we know the correct fare to charge you or your employer that’s paying for your ride.

Based on rider feedback like the tweet below, the ORCA readers will now beep twice when you tap off and end your trip.

Customer service feedback via Twitter asking for different beeps when boarding and deboarding.


One beep to ride, two beeps to end your ride

We hope this helps end any confusion about whether riders are starting or ending their ride when tapping.

Remember, the screen on the ORCA reader will always tell you what is happening.

But most of us just tap as we’re walking past the machine.

Note: the ORCA readers will still beep twice with a different tone if have insufficient funds in your account or have cancelled your trip by tapping twice at the same station within five minutes.

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