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New reserved parking options available in Tukwila

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If you’re a regular Sounder or Link commuter, you know that finding a parking space in our lots can be a challenge. Many of our parking lots fill up well before 7 a.m., which makes it difficult for anyone wanting to take a late morning Sounder train or Link light rail. 

Starting September 3, Tukwila commuters who use Sounder or Link will be able to purchase Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) permits. Having a permit will give you access to a reserved parking area until 8 a.m. at the Sounder station and until 9 a.m. at the Link station.

Prices for permits in Tukwila will be $60 a month for a standard SOV permit and $20 for a monthly ORCA-LIFT SOV permit (available to riders who are income qualified for the ORCA Lift reduced fares program). Carpool or High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) parking permits are FREE and available at both locations, but you still must submit an application online, or in person. 

Later this year, Sounder riders in Kent and commuters who park at the Federal Way Transit Center will be able to purchase SOV permits. 

Visit us at www.soundtransit.org/permitparking to apply.

Last fall, Sound Transit began issuing SOV parking permits at select Sounder and Link parking lots. Currently, SOV permit parking is available at the following stations:

  • Auburn Sounder
  • Angle Lake Link 
  • Edmonds Sounder
  • Mukilteo Sounder
  • Northgate Station Garage
  • Puyallup Sounder

Monthly permit prices vary by station. Those who are income eligible for ORCA-Lift can purchase SOV permits at a discounted price. HOV permits are FREE at these locations, but riders still must submit an application identifying their carpool partners.

Additional permit parking information

There’s currently a waiting list for SOV permits at the Puyallup Sounder station. According to Sound Transit Board policy, no more than 50 percent of the transit parking at any one station can be dedicated to permit parking. All other eligible SOV lots – including the Auburn Sounder Station and the Angle Lake Link Station – have permit capacity, so don’t wait to apply. 

Currently, only commuters who reside in Sound Transit’s taxing district are eligible to purchase SOV permits.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on commuter parking choices and park and ride policies visit www.soundtransitorg/permitparking and sign up for alerts.

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