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Sound Transit in the News: Your Weekly News Roundup

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How the New Plaza on Beacon Hill Is a Model for the Future of Seattle: The Stranger features Beacon Hill Station’s nearby amenities, including a festival street, The Station coffee shop, affordable housing, and food trucks!

City secures $99.6 million TIFIA loan: Building light rail isn’t enough. You need all the things that support it too, like sidewalks and bike lanes and improved utilities. Bellevue’s $100m loan from the federal government will bring huge improvements to the Bel-Red corridor ahead of light rail opening in 2023. (Bellevue Reporter)

SDOT Finalizes Columbia City Community Access And Parking Program: Big changes are coming to parking in Columbia City, including residential permit parking, more short-term spaces, and paid parking in the heart of the retail district that's just a 5-minute walk from Link. (The Urbanist)

Reminder: SR 520 Open Houses: Don’t forget to weigh in on some big ideas for transit in the SR 520 corridor ahead of a period of intense construction. (Seattle Transit Blog)

Redmond Stations: Things in Redmond are looking up, literally. The city is looking to tweak its light rail plans, including an elevated station in Downtown Redmond. (Seattle Transit Blog)

Moving Transformative Projects Forward: Our CEO Peter Rogoff joined transit leaders from across the country at the recent APTA conference, calling for the federal government not to withdraw its historic partnerships funding transformative transit projects. (Mass Transit Magazine)

Seattle Youth Get a Summer Break on Public Transit: We're partnering with King County Metro to provide low-cost transit rides for youth this summer. (Next City)

Festivals, road work and a popular marathon will snarl traffic this weekend: The Rock and Roll Marathon, Fremont’s famous Solstice Parade, and construction galore. It must be summer! (Seattle Times)

Amtrak to build new locomotive shop in Seattle: Amtrak's new Sodo facility will support Amtrak, WSDOT-funded Cascades trains, and our Sounder service. (Seattle Times)

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