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ST Express 512 will now run all-day service between Everett Station and Northgate Station.

Sound Transit service changes are coming this March

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Sound Transit regularly reviews our bus and rail service to see what changes we should make to improve performance, respond to ridership trends and make the most of our resources.

Sometimes the changes are simply adjusting our schedules to reflect current travel times. But there are always at least a few changes that will have a direct impact on some of our riders. 

This month, we’ll be introducing several service changes, including changes on two ST Express routes that will make a significant difference to riders.

We’re replacing ST Express 511, which travels between Ash Way and Northgate, with all-day ST Express 512 service between Everett Station and Northgate Station. This will offer riders more transfer opportunities to the 1 Line during peak hours. 

The other change will be to ST Express 586, which travels from Tacoma to the University District. Riders should be aware that at Federal Way Transit Center buses will now use Bay 2 when traveling northbound. 

We have some changes to Sounder as well. Sounder S Line will receive schedule adjustments to trains #1505 (7:55 a.m., Seattle Departure) and #1518 (10:11 a.m., Lakewood Departure).

Now that Amtrak has restored two Cascades Trains, Sounder N Line passengers will have more options at Everett, Edmonds and Seattle through the Rail Plus programs. Learn more about Rail Plus here.

We’ll be rolling out these changes March 18-20. You can read the full list of changes here.

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