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Looking east from the downtown Bellevue station still under construction
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Construction continues in Bellevue as we get ready to open the 2 Line.

The Sound Transit time capsules time forgot

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Funny story – what do you do when you dig up not one, but two, time capsules that you kind of forgot about before it’s time to open them? 

Here's the backstory we uncovered after doing a lot of digging (see what we just did there?).

In the midst of construction of the new light rail station in Bellevue, we unearthed two time capsules:

  • One from 1985 when Metro originally built the Bellevue Transit Center,
  • And another one from 2002 when Sound Transit expanded the transit center.

The plaque over the time capsules simply said, “Bellevue Transit Center 2002.”

Text on a capsule reads 'Bellevue transit center 2002'
A cylinder-shaped container

There were no information on what was in the time capsules and when they should be opened (although a press release from 2002 does say a time capsule was being buried as part of the dedication by Sen. Patty Murray and the time capsule wasn’t to be opened until 2102).  

Of course, our minds went wild, pondering what could possibly be in these time capsules.

With the one buried in 1985, we thought maybe we’d find some Sour Patch Kids. A can of Jolt Cola. Or even a Goonies T-shirt!

And when it comes to the more recent time capsule buried in 2002, forgetaboutit! We would be over the moon to find some Body Glitter, Heelys shoes, and maybe a Baby G watch!

Well, cool your jets, people, because we won’t know for about 80 more years years since we reburied them. But this time we are leaving some instructions! 

If you were to bury a time capsule today, what would you put there? 

Let us know! Tag us on social media @SoundTransit. 

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A double decker bus pulls in to the downtown Bellevue Transit Center