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A crowd wearing Mariners gear departs a Sounder train at King Street Station.
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Spring sports season is here - learn our top tips for taking the train to the game!

Take transit to the game!

You've got options: from Link to the monorail, Sounder game trains, the bus and more

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Want a safe, reliable way to move around the region? Try taking transit - and it doesn't just have to be for your commute.

If you're a sports fan, the train or bus is a great way to get to the game.

With the Seattle Kraken in season and the Sounders, Reign, and Mariners kicking off soon, now is a great time to review these game day travel tips! 

Just remember to expect more crowds than usual, and use an ORCA card or the Transit Go Ticket app to avoid long lines at ticket vending machines. And, if you're aged 18 and under, you ride free

The Mariner Moose uses a TVM.
Plan ahead to make your game day travels easier!

Event trains

Keep in mind that Link and the bus aren't the only options for game day travel; we've got a lot of weekend Sounder trains running to events this fall and winter. Here are just a few upcoming dates:

  • March 16 (Sounders)
  • March 31 (Mariners)
  • April 14 (Mariners)
  • April 28 (Mariners)
  • May 5 (Sounders)
  • May 12 (Mariners)
  • June 2 (Mariners)
  • and more!
  • (Stay tuned for the Seahawks schedule this fall!)

You don’t have to attend the game to ride the train – take the opportunity to explore Seattle for a few hours without having to drive!

S Line game trains have proven popular for sports fans. For comfort and to avoid delays, S Line passengers are reminded that:

  • Spread out on the platform; train cars near the front of the train have more room.
  • Stand clear of the doors; there is more room for standees on the upper level of Sounder cars.
  • During Seahawks season, we often run two trains. The second inbound S line train has plenty of capacity; the first inbound train has been very crowded.

Trains to Lumen Field, Husky Stadium

When the 1 Line was extended up to Northgate Station, we saw so many more people taking the train to watch the Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, OL Reign and University of Washington teams. And we have the Sea Dragons back in action this year as well. 

Husky fans: please keep in mind that crowds entering University of Washington Station have to be controlled to comply with safety and capacity issues. It can sometimes take up to an hour to get everyone onboard their trains. So take your time heading out of the stadium.

Or consider taking the sky bridge over Montlake Boulevard and walk across campus to U District Station instead!

Crowds file in to watch Husky football from UW Station.
The new U District Station - just a 10-15 minute walk from the stadium - may help you avoid crowds at University of Washington Station (pictured here).

Trains to Climate Pledge Arena

Our newest Seattle sports team, the Kraken, is into another season playing at Climate Pledge Arena. Climate Pledge makes it easy to take transit, with a free pass valid for travel two hours before and after the game. 

And you can catch the Seattle Storm there, while saving money on parking and gas. 

Traveling on light rail and then the Seattle Monorail will be one of the fastest and most climate friendly way to get to Climate Pledge Arena.

Transfer at Westlake Station - just look for the elevator from the mezzanine up to the third floor of Westlake Center.

Dozens of bus routes serve the arena and the surrounding neighborhood. Sound Transit and our friends at King County Metro both have trip planners to help you catch the right bus or train.

A father and son in Kraken jerseys on a Link platform
Take the train to cheer on the Kraken!
A person wearing a Seattle Storm T-shirt holds up a Storm ORCA card.
Take transit for free to catch a WNBA game! 

Here are some more tips if you're taking transit to the game:

  • Be safe on platforms and stay off the yellow lines. Please be cognizant of ADA passengers who also need to get on and off trains. 
  • Crowding is expected, and planning ahead can save game day headaches. Buy your round trip ticket before the game - at the station or on the Transit Go Ticket app - so you don't have to wait in line twice. 
  • It can take time to clear the platforms after a game even though we deploy extra trains to help clear the crowds. Please be patient and take your time heading back to the platform. A post-match snack or beverage, anyone? 
Seahawks fans board the train at Northgate Station.
It's great seeing sports fans at the new Northgate Station.


Not all stations have parking (for example, Roosevelt and U District Stations do not have parking).

At Northgate, there are more than 1,500 free parking spots scattered among the parking garages and surface lots.

Be mindful of the signs at the garages. On weekends there is no free game-day parking in the Northgate Mall Garage and the top floor of the Northgate Station Garage is also paid.

Here's a map to help sort it out:

northgate parking map

We can't wait to see more sports fans onboard!

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