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Tips for a busy summer around the Sound

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It’s going to be a fun summer in Seattle and through the entire Sound. We have the All-Star Game, Taylor Swift concerts, Seafair, in addition to Mariners games, all kinds of fairs and, soon enough, the Seahawks’ return.

Transit is always a great way to get round, and that’s especially true in the summer. You can avoid clogged highways and pricey parking to get to the fun.

But the summer fun comes with some challenges. For one thing, it’s going to be really busy. In addition to our usual riders, we’re going to be welcoming a lot of visitors to the region for special events.

Plus, the nice weather is the only time when we can do some of the important work necessary to keep our system safe and running smoothly. Unfortunately, that means some unavoidable service disruptions right in the middle of a real hectic season.

We’ll have more details about those service disruptions and particular events soon. But in the meantime, we wanted to give you some tips on how to have the best riding experience during the summer.

  • Pack your patience. There’s no getting around it: it’s going to be crowded at times, especially on Link. Add in the planned service disruptions, and we know it’s going to be challenging at times. We’ll do our best to minimize the impact to you, but riding will sometimes require extra patience. Keep whatever fun you’ll be having at your destination in mind. Be respectful of other riders. And don’t forget to show a little extra love to any disabled riders you see—offer them your seat if you happen to have one.
  • Subscribe to rider alerts. One of the best things you can do is stay in the know, which is why you should subscribe to rider alerts. That way, you’ll know in advance about planned service disruptions. You’ll also get timely information about unplanned service problems, as well as any elevator or escalator outages, to help you make alternate plans if needed.
  • Get an ORCA card or use the Transit Go app. When it gets really busy, the lines at the ticket vending machines can get long. If you have an ORCA card, you can skip the line—just tap and board. There’s also the Transit Go ticket app. Download the app, buy your ticket and you're ready to ride!
  • Get there earlier, leave later. Big events are going to be jammed. Why not get to your destination early, settle in and get ready for the fun to start? You’ll be more relaxed and avoid the crowds arriving close to the event start time. The same thing heading home or out for more fun after the event. Let the crowds thin out a little before heading to transit.
  • Spread out on the platforms. Lots of people hop on the train car closest to the station entrance. No surprise that those cars are often more crowded. The first and last cars on Link and Sounder are usually less crowded, so consider where you stand when you are waiting for the train.
  • Consider alternate routes or other ways of getting around. We’d love to have you on board, but there are other ways to get to your destination. Our partners at King County Metro, Community Transit and Pierce Transit may have an alternative that suits you better. Or you can try a different mode altogether. With our perfect summer weather, it’s the ideal time to bike or ride a scooter to your destination.

We’ll keep you posted throughout the summer as we share additional details. Summer in the Sound is going to be a lot of fun. Using these tips can help make the ride to the fun better for you.