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Transit technology works for you

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Transit uses technology to improve your ride. Here are a few ways that it’s working at Sound Transit.

  1. Automatic Passenger Counters shine an infrared beam across bus and train doors to record people getting on and off. The counter is connected to an onboard processor that stores the raw data, including routes and times. Sound Transit uses the data to help calculate the productivity of routes and plan future routes and facilities.
  2. By computer or smart phone, OneBusAway tells you when your bus or train will arrive with real-time information. Get started at
  3. A GPS on all trains and buses allows Sound Transit to track vehicles.
  4. Real-Time Parking Information: Coming soon, special equipment will be installed so riders can check the Sound Transit website and find out in real time if parking is available at the Auburn, Puyallup and South Everett stations as well as the Federal Way Transit Center.
  5. The ORCA card in your wallet or purse uses a microchip that enables it to function as an electronic purse holding up to $300 for travel on transit services throughout the region. When you tap on the ORCA reader, the correct fare, including any transfer value, is automatically deducted.
  6. Positive Train Control technology warns train operators of potential problems and then automatically slows or stops the train if the operator does not respond. The technology, which is federally required for all passenger train services in the country, includes modifications to Sounder vehicles along with upgrades to the tracks’ signaling system. Installation is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.
  7. Transit Signal Prioritization: This device gives buses an extended green or advanced green at traffic lights.

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