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Published date: 10/28/21

Establishing a CEO Selection Committee for the period of time necessary to develop a recommendation ...

Published date: 10/14/21

Authorizes the chief executive officer to increase specific contracts and agreements as necessary to...

Published date: 10/14/21

Amends the adopted budget for the NE 130th Street Infill Station by increasing the project allocatio...

Published date: 10/14/21

(1) Authorizing the chief executive officer to proceed with the project development, design, and env...

Published date: 10/07/21 Supersedes Resolution No. R2012-02

Adopts an updated Station, Line and Facility Naming Policy and supersedes Resolution No. R2012-02....

Published date: 10/07/21

Authorizes the chief executive officer to execute a regional service provider agreement and a subseq...

Published date: 10/07/21

Renames University Street Station in coordination with the East Link Extension opening....

Published date: 10/07/21

Adopting the Sound Transit 2022 State Legislative Program and directing staff to evaluate and engage...