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Time-lapse video shows placement of pedestrian bridge over SR 520 at Overlake Village Station

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Sound Transit contractor crews have placed the first of two steel truss sections of a pedestrian bridge over SR 520 in Redmond between 148th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 40th Street to connect the future Overlake Village Station to the neighborhoods and businesses west of SR 520. 

Sound Transit contractor Kiewit-Hoffman Joint Venture used a mobile crane to install the first 106-foot-long segment of the bridge over the westbound lanes of SR 520 last Saturday night. Time-lapse video of the construction can be viewed at

The bridge, funded and owned by the city of Redmond, will provide a direct connection to the SR 520 trail and a pedestrian and bicycle path between the Bridle Trails and Overlake neighborhoods of Redmond, separated by the freeway. 

When complete, the pedestrian bridge will span approximately 240 feet over SR 520, and with approaches and ramps, will total nearly 500 feet in length. The second steel truss section is scheduled to be installed over the eastbound lanes of SR 520 the night of May 30, and will require a full closure of the eastbound lanes. People can subscribe to construction alerts at to receive updates on construction progress, including planned traffic impacts. 

The pedestrian bridge will feature an art installation by local artist Leo Berk. Constructed from regularly spaced aluminum louvers, the walls will appear solid when looking straight down the length of the bridge from either end, but as pedestrians or cyclists travel over the bridge, the images will seem to break apart as they pass the gaps between the louvers.

The Overlake Village Station is adjacent to SR 520 north of the Overlake Village Park-and-Ride on 152nd Avenue Northeast. When East Link opens in 2023, riders will be able to travel to the Bellevue downtown station in nine minutes; to Pioneer Square Station in downtown Seattle in 30 minutes; and to SeaTac Airport in 62 minutes. 

East Link construction has reached more than 75-percent completion. With most of the major infrastructure complete, work is now focused on completing track installation on the Homer M. Hadley floating bridge, finishing stations, landscaping, and restoring roadways and other public areas impacted by construction. When civil construction is complete, installation of power and control systems will begin in 2021. For more information on the East Link Extension see: