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If you have not seen construction activity occurring next to I-5 between north Seattle and Lynnwood, you likely will soon. Crews are busy working to make room for construction of the light rail!

Sign up for station area construction alerts to stay up to date on activities happening near your future station. We will make sure you know where work is occurring and what you can expect. Forward this to neighbors and people in your community and encourage them to subscribe.

•    Shoreline South/145th
•    Shoreline North/185th
•    Mountlake Terrace
•    Lynnwood City Center

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Making room for light rail 

Before we begin construction of the light rail infrastructure that will carry passengers from Northgate to Lynnwood in 2024, several activities are underway to establish work zones. Installation of temporary noise barriers began this month, prior to the removal of existing noise walls. Neighbors and I-5 commuters will see acoustical curtains installed on fences going up in the coming weeks. Additional details on locations and timing of this work will be shared in area-specific construction alerts.   

In addition to noise wall removal, clearing, grading, and utility relocations are progressing. Though clearing and grading work does involve removing trees, the reduction is only temporary. Recognizing that communities strongly support trees and the benefits they provide, Sound Transit has committed to replanting new trees at a rate of nearly four new trees for each removed tree.

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See you this summer! 

We are committed to keeping you informed and giving you the opportunity to get information in person. This summer we will be out at local events sharing information and answering questions. Come see us!

•    Celebrate Shoreline on Saturday, August 17, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.
•    Lynnwood Fair on 44th on Saturday, September 7, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.