Early demolition work starting soon

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Early demolition work for the Lynnwood Link Extension is scheduled to begin in late July in Lynnwood on Sound Transit owned properties adjacent to the transit center. Structures to be removed will be the former Black Angus and McDonald's Fine Furniture buildings on 46th Avenue West. This demolition will begin in late July and last approximately two months.

A total of five sites in Lynnwood, Shoreline and Seattle are scheduled for early demolition over the next six months starting from north to south. Demolition work will take place during normal daytime work hours and the crews will make every effort to minimize noise, dust and debris to the extent possible. Street and local access will be maintained during this time.

As part of Sound Transit's commitment to sustainability, authorized salvage companies have removed materials prior to demolition. A small neighborhood plant salvage event took place in April and clean wood, metal, concrete or other usable demolition debris will be recycled by the contractor.

This early demolition work is an important step in the Lynnwood Link Extension. It will help clear the path for construction activities slated to begin in mid-2019 and minimize any potential unauthorized activity at these sites.

Sound Transit's Community Outreach team is reaching out to notify nearby property owners in advance of work where necessary. If you have questions, please give us a call or send us an email (contact information included below).