Final design set to start, new video animation

Publish Date

Board action and approval

On Thursday, November 19, the Sound Transit Board of Directors approved the project and budget to move into the final design phase which is scheduled to start early next year. During the final design phase of the project, engineering and design work will be advanced on the trackway, stations, train control systems, and public art. At key design milestones, Sound Transit will engage with the public and project partners for input on a variety of project aspects including station designs and construction details.  

New video animation

Final design work will focus on the final route and stations identified by the Board earlier this year. A new video animation of the final route and stations is posted online here

Property acquisitions approved

A limited number of property acquisitions were approved by the Board at their meeting on 11/19. After all the affected property owners were notified, the Board approved this first round of acquisitions since the acquisition requirements for these parcels will not change as the plans advance during final design. For some property owners, this action responds to their requests to be considered for acquisition as early as possible and for others it brings some certainty to the timing of the process.  

Another round of acquisitions is expected to be approved by the Board around the middle of next year and after designs have progressed far enough for confirmation of the acquisition needs. A final round of acquisitions will need about 60% of final design to be completed before they can be authorized.  

Schedule overview 2016-2023

Early 2016 – Final design begins
Mid 2016 – Station design public meetings start
Mid 2016/2017 – Additional property acquisition confirmed, property owners notified
2018 – Construction begins
Late 2023 – Open for service