Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) now available

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Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) now available

Sound Transit and the Federal Transit Administration have published the FEIS for the Link Operations & Maintenance Satellite Facility project. The FEIS:

  • Responds to public and agency comments received during the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) phase.
  • Describes the preferred alternative in Bellevue and other alternatives in Bellevue and Lynnwood, including their potential impacts and benefits.
  • Provides environmental information to assist the Sound Transit Board in selecting the project to build.
  • Identifies measures to avoid, minimize and mitigate impacts.
  • Complies with National and State Environmental Policy Acts (NEPA/SEPA).

The Link light rail network is growing

Sound Transit is dramatically expanding the region’s Link light rail system to the north, south and east. This expansion, approved by voters in 2008, extends the existing 16-mile system to over 50 miles and will triple the existing fleet of light rail vehicles. The current Link operations and maintenance facility (OMF) in Seattle is not large enough to handle the additional vehicles. In order to store and maintain those vehicles and support efficient light rail operations, Sound Transit must build an OMSF by 2020.

Review the FEIS

Sound Transit provides a copy of the FEIS summary, which includes a CD with the full FEIS, appendices, and technical reports to those who commented on the DEIS. If your comment letter included a return address, Sound Transit has mailed you a copy of the summary and the CD. If your comment letter did not include a mailing address, you can review the FEIS at area public libraries, the Sound Transit office and online at To request a free copy of the Executive Summary, a CD of the FEIS or to purchase a printed copy of the FEIS, contact Erin Green at or 206-398-5464. 

Sound Transit Board to select location in October 2015 

The Sound Transit Board is scheduled to select the Link OMSF at its meeting on Oct. 22, 2015. The decision will be based on findings in the FEIS, public and agency comments on the DEIS and public testimony to the Board. Board meetings are open to the public and public comment is accepted on action items.