Operations and Maintenance Facility East

Maintaining the growing light rail fleet
Map of the area surrounding Operations and Maintenance Facility East

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Sound Transit has completed the Link Operations and Maintenance Facility: East (OMF East) in the City of Bellevue to support the region's growing light rail fleet. When service extends to Mercer Island and Bellevue (2023*), and Redmond, Lynnwood, and Federal Way (2024*), the light rail system will more than double in size and the light rail fleet will more than triple from 62 to 214 vehicles.

Once East Link opens for service in 2023*, Sound Transit will guarantee a safe, clean and comfortable ride for our passengers by cleaning and maintaining these vehicles at the OMF East every night. This new eastside facility supplements Sound Transit’s existing Link OMF Central in Seattle's SODO neighborhood.

*Aug. 18, 2022 update: Work is ongoing to identify new opening timelines for four light rail projects currently in construction. An upcoming programmatic review will also assess shared resources and project sequencing. Expect further updates in Q4 2022.  

Transit-oriented development opportunity

Working with the city of Bellevue and community partners since 2014, Sound Transit incorporates transit-oriented development (TOD) at the OMF East, consistent with local plans and new housing, office, and retail projects coming to the Spring District. Envisioned as a mix of affordable housing, market-rate apartments, office, retail and public space, TOD at the OMF East will contribute to the emerging Spring District neighborhood in the Bel-Red Corridor. 

Visit the Spring District/120th Station page to learn more.