Noise wall removal along I-5

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Removal of I-5 noise walls in select locations along the 8.5 mile Lynnwood Link Extension route is underway. This work will allow Sound Transit’s contractor to continue making room for equipment mobilization and construction of the infrastructure that will transport passengers from Northgate to Lynnwood in 2024.  

Temporary noise barriers, sound dampening material placed on fencing, are being installed prior to the removal of noise walls to provide mitigation for highway noise throughout construction. Permanent noise walls will be reconstructed in advance of light rail service in 2024. 


  • Removal of I-5 noise walls in select locations to make room for light rail construction.
  • Crews will install fencing with acoustical curtains (see example image below) along I-5 near construction work areas. 


  • This work is anticipated to last through the next several months between Seattle and Lynnwood. 
  • Work is expected to be completed during daytime hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • If night and weekend work is necessary, advanced notification will be provided.  


  • Sound Transit’s contractor has started noise wall removal and temporary noise barrier installation in Shoreline. Crews will continue this work between Seattle and Lynnwood over the next several months.

More about temporary noise barriers

In most areas, using the temporary noise barriers on the edge of the construction work area closest to neighborhoods will effectively mitigate highway noise. Additional treatment at nearby residences can be used if this mitigation measure is not sufficient. 

Photo of a temporary noise barrier