Northeast 130th Street station advances to preliminary engineering

Publish Date

At its Sept. 27 meeting, the Sound Transit Board decided to advance the NE 130th Street Station into preliminary engineering (PE). Originally scheduled to open in 2031 as an infill station along the Lynnwood Link Extension alignment, the Board directed staff to advance to PE to determine if the station can be sufficiently built by 2024 when LLE goes into revenue service.

Building earlier could potentially save construction costs and avoid later service disruptions associated with constructing it as an infill station. Staff and consultants will take the next year to complete the PE work resulting in greater details on the benefits and downsides of project acceleration and understand the impacts to Sound Transit’s financial and staff resources.  This information will be brought back to the Board to make a final decision on whether or not to accelerate construction.

For more information contact Central Corridor Manager, Carrie Avila-Mooney at or 206-903-7223.