Please complete a questionnaire regarding light rail to Downtown Redmond

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Light rail is coming to Downtown Redmond. Over the past two years, Sound Transit and the City of Redmond have engaged the community on topics such as alignment, station locations, preliminary station design, and station access.

With preliminary design complete, Sound Transit and the City are preparing to enter into a development agreement that memorializes key project scope commitments and development standards.

As the Redmond City Council considers the development agreement, we would like to share with you how key themes from the community were addressed in preliminary design. We are asking you to complete the City’s questionnaire to:

  1. Share your level of support for preliminary design decisions, and
  2. Share what ideas and concerns you have looking ahead to construction.

City staff will share your feedback with the City Council prior to the Council’s action on the development agreement, expected in spring or summer 2019.

Thank you for your feedback!