Record of Decision received: Next up, final design

Publish Date

On Friday July 10, the Federal Transit Administration issued a formal Record of Decision (ROD) to Sound Transit for the Lynnwood Link Extension. This important milestone completes the environmental review process, prepares the agency for final design early next year and takes the project one step closer to anticipated federal grant funding. The decision keeps the project on track to begin construction in 2018 and open in late 2023.
The ROD defines mitigation measures and other requirements for the project. A summary of environmental determinations and findings is included in the document.

Final design

Sound Transit is set to begin the final design phase of the Lynnwood Link Extension in early 2016 to advance designs on the project’s trackway, stations and art installations. In final design, milestones are associated with a general level of “completeness” of design: 30%, 60% and 100% (ready for construction). Around these milestones, Sound Transit will engage the public and project partners on a variety of project aspects, including station appearance and construction detail.

During final design, Sound Transit will prepare the project for construction by:

  • Developing station designs
  • Conducting additional field work
  • Acquiring permits
  • Incorporating art into project plans
  • Procuring right-of-way
  • Refining construction mitigation measures
  • Defining the construction sequence, schedule and methods
  • Continuing the partnerships with local jurisdictions (ex. station area planning)

Schedule overview 2016-2023

Early 2016 – Project begins the final design phase
Mid 2016 – Station design public meetings start
Late 2016/Early 2017 - Impacted properties confirmed, property owners notified
2018 – Construction begins
Late 2023 – Open for service