Sound Transit Board gets ready to identify a preferred alternative

Publish Date

Now that the first phase of environmental review has been completed, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was published and the public has had an opportunity to provide comments, the Sound Transit Board is considering identification of a preferred alternative for the Lynnwood Link Extension. Identification of a preferred alternative will start the Final EIS process and allow Sound Transit to focus additional engineering and design effort.

Nov. 14, Capital Committee meeting 
The Capital Committee of the Sound Transit Board plans to continue their discussion about the route and station alternatives they directed staff to study and evaluate in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) at this meeting. With the benefit of previous staff briefings to the committee and input from the public and jurisdictions through the DEIS comment period, the Capital Committee may provide a recommendation to the full Board about a preferred alternative. Other outcomes or actions might result from the Capital Committee meeting including no recommendation on the route and stations. 

Nov. 21, Board meeting
Should the Capital Committee forward a recommendation to the Board, it is anticipated the Board will identify the preferred alternative at this meeting. If so, this would be the next step in the process to determine the final route and stations that will be built. This preliminary decision does not remove any of the other alternatives reviewed in the DEIS from consideration but would direct staff to focus work on one set of route and station options as the project advances. The Board's selection of the specific project to be built and operated will occur after the Final EIS is published, which is anticipated in early 2015.

Sound Transit Board meetings are open to the public and testimony is welcome at both meetings.