Survey work in September & October

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During the months of September and October residents may notice field crews completing survey work in neighborhoods along the Interstate 5 corridor between Northgate and Lynnwood for the Lynnwood Link Extension project. All work will be completed during normal business hours within the public right-of-way and access to private property will not be necessary. Vehicular access will be maintained at all times. 

The survey areas selected do not reflect any decisions about the future route or stations but do indicate key areas where more information is needed regardless of the preferred alternative that is expected to be identified by the Sound Transit Board this fall.  Residents with questions about this survey work are encouraged to call Sound Transit and avoid approaching field staff with questions as they complete their work.  

Planning continues on the extension of light rail to Lynnwood.

For more information about survey work or the Lynnwood Link Extension  contact Roger Iwata, Community Outreach Corridor Lead at 206-689-4904 or