Sound Transit requires fares on all buses and trains as of July 1.

Use your ORCA card or the Transit GO Ticket app for touch-free payment. Learn more on our Fares page.

Adult fares (age 19-64)

Riders age 19 to 64 pay a fare depending on the type of trip.

Senior/disabled fares (age 65+ or qualifying disability)

Riders 65+ or riders with a disability can qualify for a reduced rate with a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP). An RRFP is given to you on an ORCA card. When applying for an RRFP, be sure to bring proof of age (65+), or proof of a qualifying condition or Medicare card. The permit is free, a replacement will cost $3.

Learn if you qualify for reduced fares and where to get an RRFP

Youth fares (age 6-18)

Youths age 6 to 18 pay a reduced fare on Sound Transit services with an ORCA Youth card. Youth cards can be purchased at an ORCA customer service office or through the mail.

How to get a youth ORCA card

Children (age 0-5)

Children age 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying passenger.

More about riding on buses and trains with children

Low-income fares (ORCA LIFT)

With the ORCA LIFT card, income qualified adult riders can save up to 50 percent on ST Express buses, Sounder and Link light rail trains.

Learn more about ORCA LIFT