How to pay
Paying for your ride is easy with an ORCA card. Learn about the fare and pass options that are best for you.

Resolve your fare violation

Sound Transit's fare engagement department has changed the unpaid fare resolution program. We’ve added non-monetary solutions to help all riders. After the first two violations, there are monetary penalties. That said, where you are in the process decides how we move forward. Steps are listed below:

  • Third non-fare payment interaction with a fare ambassador will result in a violation and a $50.00 fine.
  • Fourth non-fare payment interaction with a fare ambassador will result in a violation and a $75.00 fine. 
  • Fifth non-fare payment interaction with a fare ambassador: This violation is a civil infraction. It will be reported to the district court, depending on where the violation incurred. Please see the following links for more information on the county courts:

How to resolve your violation

There are several monetary and non-monetary options to resolve a fine for non-payment:

Register and pay your fine in full through our online payment portal. Cash, money orders and cashier's checks are accepted in lieu of online payment. 

  • 3rd violation: $50 
  • 4th violation: $75

Pay fine

Create an account on, add your card number to the account and load the fine amount to your pass. This will count as paying the fine and will enable you to pay your fare in the future.

Send proof of loading your card to with your name, violation number, amount and card number.

Create account

An alternative to paying the fine, cited riders are asked to contribute on a transit study. Your answers and insight will help contribute to improved service on our system.

Register for focus group

Sound Transit is offering a course on the importance of paying your fare. After completing the class, a short test will follow. A passing grade will dismiss your fine.

Register for class

If you have received your third violation, you can sign a pledge to pay. This commitment, backdated to your first violation, clears your violations record after you complete a year without another fare payment violation. If this agreement is broken in the stated period, signees need to pay the fee from both their third and fourth violations.

This option is only available for your third violation.

Sign a pledge

Download the form, sign the pledge, and mail or email it to our fare resolution department:

Sound Transit Fare Resolutions Department
401 South Jackson St
Seattle, WA. 98101

ORCA Lift is a lower-income aid program, which allows eligible riders to access public transit throughout the region at a lower price. If qualified, you will receive an ORCA LIFT card registered to your name and be able to load money to the e-Purse or buy a discounted monthly pass.

Send your name, violation number and ORCA LIFT card number to

Find out if you qualify

Frequently asked questions

If you think the warning or violation may have been unjustly written up, you have the right to appeal the recorded infraction. Sound Transit has an intake form to register the details of the infraction from the rider’s perspective. A successful appeal will result in the warning or violation being removed.

Record your appeal