ST Express bus fares

ST Express buses travel between major cities in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, offering limited-stop service primarily on interstate or state highway corridors. Some routes run only during the busiest commute times, while others run 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fare type All ST Express routes
(age 19-64)
(age 65-plus or qualifying disability)
(age 6-18)
LIFT Adult** $1.50

Requires Regional Reduced Fare Permit.

** Requires ORCA LIFT.

How to pay

Pay as you enter the bus.

  • ORCA card - Tap your card as you board.
  • Transferring to another service is easy with the ORCA card. Transfer fare is calculated automatically between services. When transferring from bus to train, keep in mind that train fares are distance based. Remember to tap on at your starting station to begin your train portion of your trip and tap off at your end destination to accurately calculate your fare.
  • Cash - bus drivers do not carry change, so you will need exact fare.
  • Transit Go Ticket app - download in the app store, set-up your account and buy tickets ahead of time. Activate your purchased tickets prior to boarding the train, and show your screen to the fare enforcement officer if asked.

Bus tickets

Sound Transit does not have a regional bus ticket program. Retail bus tickets sold by Community Transit are valid only on the ST Express routes operated by Community Transit (510, 511, 512, 513, 532, 535). King County Metro Bus (KCM) tickets are valid only on ST Express Routes operated by KCM. (522, 542, 544, 545, 550, 554, 555, 556). Neither are valid on Sounder trains or Link light rail.