Transit accessibility
We believe that transit should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of services to make riding easier.

Paratransit service

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Sound Transit provides ADA complementary paratransit service that mirrors Link light rail and Tacoma Link in geographic scope and hours of service. ST Express bus (commuter bus) and Sounder (commuter rail) are not required to have ADA complementary paratransit service. However, partner agencies in Central Puget Sound offer ADA complementary paratransit for their fixed-route bus systems, thus providing transportation to eligible riders throughout the region wherever fixed-route transportation exists.

Sound Transit contracts with King County Metro and Pierce Transit to make eligibility determinations and provide paratransit service.

To be considered eligible for ADA complementary paratransit service, you must:

• Be a person with a disability.

• Travel within the same area as Link light rail or Tacoma Link.

• Be unable to ride Link light rail or Tacoma Link due to barriers in the physical environment or conditions of disability which make it difficult or impossible to navigate the system.

After submitting an application and participating in interviews and assessments as necessary, a rider will receive one of the following designations:

  • Unconditionally eligible – the rider is eligible to take all trips on ADA complementary paratransit.
  • Conditionally eligible – The rider is eligible to use a mix of ADA complementary paratransit and fixed-route service based on specific conditions.
  • Temporary eligibility – The rider is eligible to use ADA complementary paratransit for a specific period of time with temporary medical conditions.
  • Ineligible – The rider is able to take all trips using the fixed-route system and is not eligible to use ADA complementary paratransit.
  • Visitor status – The rider has demonstrated eligibility for ADA complementary paratransit from another location, has proof of disability, or self-certifies that they have a disability is eligible to ride ADA complementary paratransit while visiting the Seattle area for up to 21 calendar days each year.