5. Other accessibility resources

Customer feedback regarding accessibility

Sound Transit invites customer feedback regarding the accessibility of our transportation facilities and services. To ask questions, make suggestions, provide commendation or submit a complaint, contact us at 800-201-4900 / TTY Relay 711 or email accessibility@soundtransit.org.

ADA grievance procedure

Formal ADA grievances must be filed electronically or in writing by downloading this form.

Before submitting an ADA grievance, please read the ADA grievance policy here. https://www.soundtransit.org/Rider-Guide/Accessibility/ADA-Grievance-Procedure

For more information, call 800-201-4900/TTY Relay 711 or email accessibility@soundtransit.org.

Hopelink FindARide

Sound Transit created FindARide as an online resource or a gateway to transportation options—including public transit, specialized transportation and community shuttles—in Central Puget Sound. Sound Transit managed the resource until 2015. FindARide is now a service of Hopelink.