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1 Line - Northgate – Angle Lake

Due to vandalism and security issues, the restrooms at Northgate Station are temporarily closed for repairs and renovations through early July 2023. These upgrades will provide a safer space for passengers and staff upon completion.

Temporary restroom facilities are available and located on the ground level of the station. They are intended for passenger use during the station's restroom renovation. 
Several parking stalls at Northgate Station Garage are closed off until further notice due to water intrusion issues. These stalls will be closed off until water intrusion issues are resolved to minimize vehicle damage.
1 Line real-time transit information and in-station signage may be inaccurate through September 30, due to testing for the new Passenger Information Management System (PIMS).

The PIMS system will improve the passenger experience by providing passengers with accurate real-time arrival data and out of service train information.  

PIMS testing will be ongoing during all hours of operation.

Trip planner data may be inaccurate during this system testing event, the most reliable source of information about 1 Line arrival times is the 1 Line schedule