Safety and COVID-19

Keeping you safe while keeping you moving.

We've got you covered. As an essential service, Sound Transit is working to maintain a safe service and be a part of recovery efforts as our region continues to respond to COVID-19. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and others safe while riding. Sound Transit will continue to track ridership and increase bus and train services in order to meet demand and safety. Masks are no longer required on transit and in transit facilities in the Puget Sound region.

We want to provide a touch-free riding experience for as many riders as possible. Train or bus tickets are available touch-free by downloading the Transit GO Ticket app or using an ORCA card.

Your health and safety are our priority. Here are a few things we're doing:

  • We are cleaning buses and trains every day.
  • We are quickly removing unsanitary trains from service.

Sound Transit's plan to keep you safe while keeping you moving

Sound Transit is taking the following steps to protect our passengers as they choose to return to transit, while we also continue to monitor industry best practices and explore ways to further address passenger needs as travel behavior changes.

Sound Transit is working closely with our operating partners on daily cleaning regimens to keep everyone who uses the system safe. You can find a breakdown of cleaning practices by mode on our blog.

Sound Transit is tracking ridership and will adjust bus and train service in order to meet demand and allow passengers to ride safely. Check Sound Transit's service schedules.

Sound Transit's greatest asset is our employees, and they must remain healthy to continue to provide our passengers with service. We're supplying workers with personal protective equipment, or PPE, and supplies and offering COVID-19 testing to employees. Employees are also receiving COVID-19 safety training as they return to the workplace. Work areas are being disinfected frequently.

Learn more about how we're protecting our workforce.

Sound Transit continues to share safety education messages on our website, through station and onboard signage, Passenger Services, staff engaging with passengers in-person, social media, text alerts and our operating partners and rider communications.

Sound Transit launched Sounding Board, an online passenger experience improvement community, to learn about rider perceptions and experiences, directly from riders. To join the Sounding Board, visit our website.

As the pandemic evolves, Sound Transit is working with major employers and community groups throughout the Sound Transit district to better understand transit needs.

Sound Transit powers progress throughout the region. It is a key driver for regional economic recovery, providing thousands of living wage jobs while connecting more people to more places to make life better and create equitable opportunities for all.

Visit our System Expansion page for more information.