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SeaTac/Airport Station

Passengers requiring elevator service from International Blvd must board at another station.

To ride the 1 Line:

1. Cross International Blvd using the crosswalk at S 176th St to the King County Metro bus stop.
2. Ride the southbound RapidRide A-Line to International Blvd & S 200th St for Angle Lake Station.
3. Street level elevators at Angle Lake Station are located on 28th Ave S.

Passengers requiring elevator service to International Blvd CANNOT exit from the SeaTac/Airport mezzanine.

To exit the station:

1. Board the 1 Line toward Angle Lake.
2. Exit the 1 Line at Angle Lake Station and take the elevators down to the street (28th Ave S & S 200th St).
3. Continue on S 200th St toward International Blvd.
4. Turn left on International Blvd and continue until you reach the King County Metro bus stop.
5. Take the northbound RapidRide A-Line to S 176th & International Blvd to return to SeaTac/Airport Station.
1 Line real-time transit information and in-station signage may be inaccurate through September 30, due to testing for the new Passenger Information Management System (PIMS).

The PIMS system will improve the passenger experience by providing passengers with accurate real-time arrival data and out of service train information.  

PIMS testing will be ongoing during all hours of operation.

Trip planner data may be inaccurate during this system testing event, the most reliable source of information about 1 Line arrival times is the 1 Line schedule
Arrival times on this page are updated in real time.

SeaTac/Airport Station

SeaTac/Airport Station

International Blvd & S 176th St - Bay 2

International Blvd & S 176th St - Bay 1

International Blvd & S 176th St - Bay 2

S 176th St & 30th Ave S - Bay 3

S 176th St & International Blvd - Bay 4