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Route 594 | ST Express Bus

Route 590/594 Weekend Schedule

Effective Mar 11, 2018—Sep 22, 2018

Route Yale Ave N & Stewart 2nd & Seneca 2nd Ave & Yesler Wy SODO Busway & Spokane* Tacoma Dome Station Zone E* 10th & Commerce Zone G* SR-512 P&R* Lakewood Station*
594 6:42am 6:53am 6:56am 7:04am 7:43am 7:51am 8:04am 8:09am
594 7:42am 7:53am 7:56am 8:04am 8:43am 8:51am 9:04am 9:09am
594 8:12am 8:23am 8:26am 8:34am 9:13am 9:21am 9:34am 9:39am
594 8:42am 8:53am 8:56am 9:04am 9:43am 9:51am 10:04am 10:09am
594 9:12am 9:23am 9:26am 9:34am 10:13am 10:21am 10:34am 10:39am
594 9:42am 9:53am 9:56am 10:04am 10:43am 10:51am 11:04am 11:09am
594 10:12am 10:23am 10:26am 10:34am 11:13am 11:21am 11:34am 11:39am
594 10:42am 10:53am 10:56am 11:04am 11:43am 11:51am 12:04pm 12:09pm
594 11:12am 11:23am 11:26am 11:34am 12:13pm 12:21pm 12:34pm 12:39pm
594 11:42am 11:53am 11:56am 12:04pm 12:43pm 12:51pm 1:04pm 1:09pm
594 12:12pm 12:23pm 12:26pm 12:34pm 1:13pm 1:21pm 1:34pm 1:39pm
594 12:42pm 12:53pm 12:56pm 1:04pm 1:43pm 1:51pm 2:04pm 2:09pm
594 1:12pm 1:23pm 1:26pm 1:34pm 2:13pm 2:21pm 2:34pm 2:39pm
594 1:42pm 1:53pm 1:56pm 2:04pm 2:43pm 2:51pm 3:04pm 3:09pm
594 2:12pm 2:23pm 2:26pm 2:34pm 3:13pm 3:21pm 3:34pm 3:39pm
594 2:42pm 2:53pm 2:56pm 3:04pm 3:43pm 3:51pm 4:04pm 4:09pm
594 3:12pm 3:23pm 3:26pm 3:34pm 4:13pm 4:21pm 4:34pm 4:39pm
594 3:42pm 3:53pm 3:56pm 4:04pm 4:43pm 4:51pm 5:04pm 5:09pm
594 4:12pm 4:23pm 4:26pm 4:34pm 5:13pm 5:21pm 5:34pm 5:39pm
594 4:42pm 4:53pm 4:56pm 5:04pm 5:43pm 5:51pm 6:04pm 6:09pm
594 5:12pm 5:23pm 5:26pm 5:34pm 6:13pm 6:21pm 6:34pm 6:39pm
594 5:42pm 5:53pm 5:56pm 6:04pm 6:43pm 6:51pm 7:04pm 7:09pm
594 6:12pm 6:23pm 6:26pm 6:34pm 7:13pm 7:21pm 7:34pm 7:39pm
594 6:42pm 6:53pm 6:56pm 7:04pm 7:43pm 7:51pm 8:04pm 8:09pm
594 7:12pm 7:23pm 7:26pm 7:34pm 8:13pm 8:21pm 8:34pm 8:39pm
594 7:42pm 7:53pm 7:56pm 8:04pm 8:43pm 8:51pm 9:04pm 9:09pm
594 8:12pm 8:23pm 8:26pm 8:34pm 9:13pm 9:21pm 9:34pm 9:39pm
594 8:42pm 8:53pm 8:56pm 9:04pm 9:43pm 9:51pm 10:04pm 10:09pm
594 9:12pm 9:23pm 9:26pm 9:34pm 10:13pm 10:21pm 10:34pm 10:39pm
594 9:42pm 9:53pm 9:56pm 10:04pm 10:43pm 10:51pm 11:04pm 11:09pm
594 10:12pm 10:23pm 10:26pm 10:34pm 11:13pm 11:21pm 11:34pm 11:39pm
594 10:42pm 10:53pm 10:56pm 11:04pm 11:43pm 11:51pm 12:04am 12:09am
594 11:12pm 11:23pm 11:26pm 11:34pm 12:13am 12:21am 12:34am 12:39am
594 11:42pm 11:53pm 11:56pm 12:04am 12:43am 12:51am 1:04am 1:09am
Route Eastlake & Stewart 2nd & Seneca 2nd Ave Ext & Washington SODO Busway & Spokane* Tacoma Dome Station Zone E* 10th & Commerce Zone G* SR-512 P&R* Lakewood Station*

*This is an estimated timepoint for public guidance only. Buses will proceed on arrival to the next timepoint. This may be before the time shown on the schedule.