Bus Base North

area map showing the Bus Base North facility location in the City of Bothell, Canyon Park subarea

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Bus Base North will add a new bus maintenance and operations building and a parking structure for buses and other vehicles. The Bus Base North facility will ensure Stride buses receive regular cleaning and maintenance and will hold space for up to 120 buses. Located in the City of Bothell Canyon Park Subarea, the bus base facility includes:

  • Maintenance for buses
  • Parking for employee vehicles
  • Above-ground fuel and charging facilities
  • Bus wash building
  • Fencing and landscaping
  • Security booth, lighting, and stormwater management.

The new Bus Base North will support midday and overnight charging for new battery electric buses on the Stride program. The bus base will also accommodate conversion of the entire BRT fleet, and some ST Express routes, to zero-emissions. This is a major step toward achieving carbon-free operations for facilities and fleets by 2050.

aerial view showing a rendering of the Bus Base North facility