Everett Link Extension

Connecting Snohomish County jobs and housing
Map of proposed Everett Link Extension and alternatives

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The Everett Link Extension will add 16 miles of light rail and six new stations connecting Snohomish County residents to the regional light rail network. We are also studying an additional provisional station in the planning process (provisional stations are funded for planning, but not currently for design or construction). This project will also include Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) North, a facility to support Link light rail operations. The project will connect the communities of Lynnwood, unincorporated Snohomish County, and Everett.  

Since this is both the longest and northernmost project in the Sound Transit system, Sound Transit and partner agencies are laying groundwork together now. 

Everett Link Extension features

  • Opening: 2037 - 2041 Learn more
  • Length: 16 miles.
    • Stations: West Alderwood, Ash Way, Mariner, SW Everett Industrial Center, SR 526/Evergreen, Everett Station, and one provisional (unfunded) station at SR 99/Airport Road.
  • Service: Every 4-6 minutes during peak commuting hours, 10-15 minutes midday, weekends, and evenings.
  • Estimated travel times:
    • Everett to Lynnwood City Center in 33 minutes.
    • Everett to downtown Seattle in 60 minutes.

Operations and Maintenance Facility North features

The project includes the essential OMF North, which would support overall system operation and have the capacity to receive, store and service a larger train fleet to support Link extensions. To build this new facility, we need 80+ acres of property near the light rail line. 

Current project status

The Everett Link Extension Project is just getting started. We are currently in the environmental review phase of planning. As part of this phase, we develop conceptual design and prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that evaluates the potential effects of the project. 

In spring 2023, the Community Advisory Group and the Elected Leadership Group made their recommendations for alternatives to study in environmental review.  In July 2023, the Sound Transit Board decided on the final set of alternatives to include in the EIS. We anticipate that the draft EIS will be available for review and comment in early 2026.  

We will continue to engage with the public, Tribes and agencies, and commit to conducting equitable community engagement throughout the project. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a project briefing.