Annual Service Plan

Adapting our service to better serve our riders.
Passengers exit Sounder train and board buses at the Puyallup Station.

Sound Transit evaluates service every year, and we propose changes to improve performance, respond to ridership trends and make the most of our resources.

In last year’s Service Plan we proposed and approved service increases on a number of key routes, but persistent pandemic challenges and operator shortages have delayed those improvements. In fact, operator shortages over the past year made emergency service reductions necessary on several routes, including somewhere we’d planned to increase service.

It’s still our goal to deliver the improvements outlined in last year’s Service Plan. As we continue to navigate widespread workforce challenges, however, we’re required as part of our 2023 Service Plan to formalize the current service levels until operator availability improves.

By taking our 2023 Service Plan Survey, you’ll help us make sure we’re ready to restore and improve service as soon as possible. You can access the 2023 Service Plan Survey at