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Sound Transit proposes service changes to improve reliability, relieve overcrowding, build ridership and capacity, and increase productivity.

Major service changes are defined as moving a stop more than half a mile, closing a stop without alternative service within half a mile, or changing a route's service hours by more than 25 percent. All major service changes require Sound Transit Board approval.

Every autumn, we release our Draft Service Plan and seek public comment through a formal outreach period. After revisions based on community feedback, the Sound Transit Board approved the 2020 Service Plan on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019.

We'll implement three major service changes along SR 520 during our March 2020 service change, in coordination with King County Metro's North Eastside Mobility Plan:

  • Create a new Route 544, which will run every 15 minutes during rush hours between Overlake Park-and-Ride, South Kirkland Park-and-Ride and South Lake Union via Stewart Street, consistent with the North Eastside Mobility Project recommendation. New Route 544 (Overlake – Kirkland – South Lake Union) will be funded by reallocating resources from Route 540 (Kirkland – U District) and from Route 541 (Overlake – U District).
  • Discontinue Route 540 (Kirkland – U District), reallocating operating resources to new Route 544 (Overlake – Kirkland – South Lake Union).
  • Revised plan: Temporarily retain up to 10 one-way trips on Route 541 to accommodate growing ridership between Overlake and the U District. Discontinue a majority of trips on Route 541 (Overlake – U District), reallocating operating resources to new Route 544 (Overlake – Kirkland – South Lake Union).

We'll also make two major service changes to improve reliability and operating resource efficiency:

  • Discontinue Route 566 (Auburn & Kent – Overlake) stops at Kennydale and Newport Hills on off-peak and reverse-peak trips to improve reliability for a majority of riders along the I-405 corridor, beginning with March 2020 service change.
  • Extend Route 577 (Seattle – Federal Way) weekend service to operate between Seattle and Auburn via Federal Way as short Route 578 (Seattle – Puyallup) trips, beginning with the September 2020 service change. Existing weekend Route 578 service will not change.

There are no major service changes scheduled for Link, Tacoma Link or Sounder in 2020.