Each year, Sound Transit's Service Planning Department prepares a Service Implementation Plan (SIP) to guide the delivery of ST Express bus, Sounder commuter rail, and Link light rail services. The SIP describes service and revisions proposed for the upcoming budget year, together with preliminary proposals and financial estimates for the subsequent five-year period.

All major service changes include public participation and require approval by the Sound Transit Board of Directors. Any change classified as minor may be made without Board approval, allowing staff to be responsive in addressing minor service quality issues. The Board of Directors will review and vote on major service changes in late 2019.

A summary of the service changes that are proposed for 2019 can be found here. For more detailed information about these changes and what constitutes major and minor service changes, please refer to the comprehensive 2019 Service Implementation Plan.

Learn more about the service standards that guide our planning by reading our 2018 Service Standards and Performance Measures