Annual Service Plan

Adapting our service to better serve our riders.
Passengers exit Sounder train and board buses at the Puyallup Station.

We want to hear from you, help us plan for 2022

At Sound Transit, we evaluate service performance annually and propose changes to improve performance, respond to ridership trends and use taxpayer resources efficiently. These proposed changes are developed through our annual planning process which needs your input to help us improve our service.

The ongoing pandemic, highlighted several ridership patterns, including who's most reliant on our network and why equity needs to be a primary focus as part of the pandemic recovery. As the situation steadily improves, Sound Transit ridership is rebounding regionwide are we're responding with proposed increases to service where people need it most.

For 2022, we are considering changes to ST Express bus, Sounder South and Tacoma Link service. In addition, we will be opening the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension which will provide new local connections from Tacoma Dome Station to major medical institutions in the Hilltop neighborhood.

2022 service plan goals

Build back from COVID-19 and respond to new travel patterns

Last year as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sound Transit reduced or suspended service during the commute hours while preserving all-day connections. Current research is showing that some people plan to work in the office less than they did before, so building back from COVID-19 gives us an opportunity to create a network focused on all-day service that works for a larger variety of trip purposes.

The 2022 Service Plan proposes increasing service throughout the day, including middays, evenings, and on weekends, instead of restoring suspended peak-hour only service (5-9 a.m. and 3-7 p.m.). While peak hours would still have higher frequency, additional midday, evening and weekend service would allow for wider flexibility of work hours and serve passengers traveling for other reasons.

Focus on equity

Our 2019 Title VI Service Evaluation noted that some ST Express routes that serve low-income or minority populations, lagged behind in terms of investment, and consequently have longer wait times and poorer on-time performance than service elsewhere. The 2022 Service Plan focuses on achieving service equity across the region. In the plan, we propose to increase Tacoma and Federal Way ST Express bus service to every 15 minutes all day, including on weekends, to match service levels on routes serving East King, North King and Snohomish counties.

Build the future for our expanding network

The role of ST Express will change with each future light rail extension, complementing investments in high-capacity transit. We'll open Link service to the Eastside in 2023 and to Federal Way and Lynnwood in 2024. Increasing midday and weekend bus service levels to match will create an efficient regional transit network that passengers can rely on all day, every day.

2022 service plan and survey

Your valuable feedback on our proposed service changes will help us shape the 2022 Service Plan that we present to the Sound Transit Board for adoption. Thank you to all who took the survey.