Annual Service Plan

Sound Transit reviews its service, adapting to transit needs to better serve our riders. Read on for more about what's changing.
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The public comment period for the 2024 Service Plan Phase Two – ST Express Bus Service Plan concluded on Jan. 30. We truly appreciate the dozens of comments we received from ST Express riders regarding the proposed service adjustments to ST Express North routes. We will compile and share these comments with the ST Board of Directors as they consider approving the recommended changes in March. 

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The annual service plan proposes changes to improve passenger experience and to make the most of our available resources. 

At Sound Transit, we continuously evaluate our service and every year we propose changes to improve passenger experience and make the most of our available resources. The Service Plan typically outlines proposed changes to ST Express, Sounder and Link in response to changes in ridership, operating conditions, and new high-capacity transit project openings.   

Sound Transit continues to prepare to deliver new transit service to the region in 2024, including extending the 1 Line to Lynnwood, the opening of 2 Line service between South Bellevue and Redmond Technology Stations, and adjusting ST Express service to provide connections to new Link stations.  

En Sound Transit, evaluamos continuamente nuestro servicio y todos los años proponemos cambios para mejorar la experiencia de los pasajeros y aprovechar al máximo los recursos que tenemos. El Plan de servicio suele describir los cambios que se proponen para ST Express, Sounder y Link en respuesta a los cambios en el número de pasajeros, las condiciones de operación y la inauguración de nuevos proyectos de transporte público de gran capacidad.  

Sound Transit se sigue preparando para brindar un nuevo servicio de transporte público para la región en 2024, lo que incluye la ampliación de la 1 Line hasta Lynnwood, la posible implementación del servicio de la 2 Line entre South Bellevue Station y Redmond Technology Station, y ajustar el servicio de ST Express para ofrecer conexiones a las nuevas estaciones de Link. 

在Sound Transit,我们不断评估我们的服务,每年我们都会提议作出变更,以改善乘客体验并充分利用我们的可用资源。通常,服务规划概述了为了应对乘客数量变化、运营情况以及全新的高载客量运输项目的开通,对ST Express、Sounder和Link作出的拟议变更。  

Sound Transit准备2024年继续为该地区提供全新的运输服务,包括将 1 Line延伸至Lynnwood,可能开通South Bellevue至Redmond Technology Stations之间的2 Line路段服务,以及调整ST Express服务,连接至新建的Link车站。 

 Sound Transit持續地評估我們的服務,每年也會擬議服務調整內容,以提升乘客體驗,並善用我們可用的資源。服務計畫通常會針對ST Express、Sounder及Link草擬服務調整內容,以因應載客量變化、營運狀況及新高運量運輸項目的開通。  

Sound Transit持續整備服務,以期在2024年為本地提供新的運輸服務,包括將1 Line延伸至Lynnwood、可能開通的2 Line服務 (在South Bellevue和Redmond Technology Stations之間),以及調整ST Express服務,便於乘客轉乘至新的Link車站。