Stride S3 Line
Adding new bus rapid transit service along SR-522 and Northeast 145th Street between Shoreline and Bothell.

News and updates

Thank you for helping us name Stride stations!

Thank you to everyone that responded to our Stride station naming survey! The survey was available from May 14 through May 31. We received over 1,200 responses! 

Double decker Stride buses for the S1 and S2 lines

Supercharged – Battery electric buses will power the Stride Program

Earth Day 2024 was a good reminder of the magnitude of our environmental responsibility; a responsibility that is front and center at Sound Transit. The Stride bus rapid transit program represents…

We want your feedback on Stride station names!

Station naming is an increasingly important consideration at Sound Transit as we prepare to open dozens of new stations in the coming years. We want to make sure Stride station names are intuitive,…

Stride Station Naming Workshop

Join us for this station naming workshop that will be held at the Bothell Library. A meal will be provided. Please let us know if you’re interested! Participants will participate in an exercise…

A construction worker in an orange jacket and white hard hat works with rebar

Spring construction check-in: Link and Stride projects

No matter where you live in the region, you’ve probably noticed our construction projects – and many of these build sites are getting busier by the day now that spring’s in full swing. As part…