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Location & stations

Map of the East Link light rail extension.

East Link will have ten new stations providing many opportunities for riders to connect with the Eastside and the rest of the region.

I-90 area

Judkins Park Station
Located in the center roadway of I-90, riders will enter the station from Rainier Avenue South and 23rd Avenue South.

Map: Judkins Park station area

Mercer Island Station
Located in the center roadway of I-90, riders will enter at  77th Avenue SE and 80th Avenue SE, in close proximity to the Mercer Island Park-and-Ride lot.

Map: Mercer Island station area

South Bellevue area

South Bellevue Station
Located on Bellevue Way SE at the current South Bellevue Park-and-Ride site, this station includes bus and paratransit transfer facilities and 1,500 parking stalls.   

Map: South Bellevue station area

Central Bellevue area

East Main Station
Located south of the intersection at 112th Avenue SE and Main Street, this surface station provides increased transit access to surrounding residences, neighborhoods and businesses.

Map: East Main station area

Bellevue Downtown Station
A surface station at NE 6th Street serves downtown Bellevue with close proximity to the existing transit center.

Map: Bellevue Downtown station area

Wilburton Station
Located just north of NE 8th Street, riders will enter at a south entrance from NE 8th Street and a north entrance connected to 116th Avenue NE via a new pedestrian walkway.

Map: Wilburton station area

Spring District/120th Station
Located between 120th and 124th avenues NE, north of a planned new NE 15th Street roadway, this station is located in a retained-cut to support City of Bellevue and Spring District redevelopment plan.

Map: 120th station area

Bel-Red area

Bel-Red/130th Station
Located between 130th and 132nd avenues NE at NE Spring Boulevard, this station will be situated next to a park-and-ride facility to accommodate up to 300 vehicles for transit use as part of the City of Bellevue's transit oriented development (TOD) project north of the station.

Map: 130th station area

Overlake area

Overlake Village Station
Located adjacent to SR 520 north of the Overlake Village Park-and-Ride on 152nd Avenue NE, riders will enter along 152nd Avenue NE, just south of SR 520.

Map: Overlake Village station area   

Redmond Technology Station
Located along SR 520 at the current Overlake Transit Center site, this station is a major transit hub with connections between public transit and private transportation services.

Map: Redmond Technology Station