East Link Extension
Connecting the Eastside with reliable light rail

Timeline and milestones

  • Voter approval (2008)

  • Milestone Target
    Feasibility study and public comment
    Preferred route alternative selected
    Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) completed
    Board selects route and final project to be built 2011 
    Record of decision
  • Sound Transit completes the design of the trackway, stations and art installations as well as determining construction methods, including sequencing and mitigation.

    Milestone Target
    Sound Transit and Bellevue City Council finalize tunnel design 2011 
    City of Bellevue cost-savings plan completed 2013
    State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) Addendum to final EIS 2016
    Second SEPA Addendum for I-90 HOV lane use between Seattle and Mercer Island 2017
  • Milestone Target
    Construction starts on the Operations and Maintenance Facility: East (OMF East) in Bellevue
    Elevated rail guideway is placed over I-405 in Bellevue


    Excavation of the downtown Bellevue tunnel is completed
    The Rainier Freeway station and D2 bus roadway from I-90 into downtown Seattle close in the fall for construction of Judkins Park Station
    Complete "post-tensioning" the I-90 floating bridge to prepare it for light rail and increase its lifespan
    Undercrossing on 112th Avenue Southeast in Bellevue gets started
    Work proceeds on station construction and guideway placement along the route  
    Safety testing and pre-operations checks complete  


  • Start of service (2023)*

*Aug. 18, 2022 update: Work is ongoing to identify new opening timelines for four light rail projects currently in construction. While the East Link Extension was planned to open in mid-2023, construction challenges are currently projected to delay completion by at least a year. An upcoming programmatic review will also assess shared resources and project sequencing. Expect further updates in Q4 2022.