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2 Line Fire Alarm Testing in Bellevue Tunnel

As part of 2 Line simulated service, crews will be running drills to test fire alarm equipment at the Downtown Bellevue Station and Bellevue Tunnel.  

Simulated 2 Line service to begin — Expect to see trains every 10-15 minutes, including at street crossings

Since civil construction has finished, test trains will begin running on the 2 Line between South Bellevue Station and Redmond Technology Station every 10–15 minutes as part of preparation for…

Ongoing construction at South Bellevue Station and Spring District Station

As we prepare to open 2 Line service between eight East Link Extension stations in early 2024, Sound Transit crews will be operating on a 24-hour basis.

Ongoing construction at South Bellevue Station

Sound Transit crews will be working expanded hours at South Bellevue Station to complete waterproofing, tile work, and site furnishings in preparation for the 2 Line service opening between eight…

Active trains on the tracks

Sound Transit's 2 Line is entering the next phase of testing, known as "pre-revenue service," which is scheduled to start as early as Nov. 1. During this phase, trains will be actively crossing at-…