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photo of deer eating leaves with shrubs planted nearby

Connect to nature this month with Sound Transit wildlife cameras

Explore some local fauna around the Puget Sound region.

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Do you treasure wildlife as much as we do? Probably!

At Sound Transit, we provide affordable, environmentally-friendly public transit that connects residents in our region to where they live, work and play.

Our environmental and sustainability program supports people, planet, and prosperity - oh, and cute animals! 

In the spirit of celebrating Earth Month, we wanted to share some of our favorite wildlife camera shots from around the region.

Check out a few of the shots we captured from Upper Sammamish:

photo of deer looking at the camera
"Oooh look, a camera! Hope they get my good side!" -Deer thoughts (probably)
photo of deer with antlers eating from the ground at night
Had to wait around until nightfall, but finally caught a deer with antlers!
photo of fox walking by shrubs at night
Along with this sly fox, styling and profiling!

And here are some of the shots from the area near the West Tributary to Kelsey Creek:

photo of a heron in a pond looking down at the water with the sun shining in the background
Check out this heron relaxing in a sun-drenched pond!
photo of a heron in a pond excited with mouth open with the sun shining in the background
…who then got stirred to excitement by something!
photo of raccoon wandering in a marsh area at night
This raccoon looked like he was wandering by aimlessly…
photo of raccoon looking down at water in marsh area at night
…but then his focus shifted to something moving underwater...
photo of raccoon wandering in a marsh area at night
…but lost track of it. Oh well, off to find a midnight snack.

Last, here are some photos from our cameras at Ronald Bog Park in Shoreline:

photo of ducks resting on a frozen pond
Duck puns always make us quack up.
photo of wolf standing on frozen pond
A lone wolf on the ice.

As we expand the regional transit system, our construction can have environmental impacts. These cameras were placed as part of our mitigation efforts. 

For example, Ronald Bog was the site of a big wetland restoration project that was done as part of the Lynnwood Link Extension (opening this summer!).

You can read more about the Ronald Bog project here.

Restoring habitats for wildlife around the Sound is just one of the many ways that our commitment to sustainability goes beyond taking cars off the road. 

You never know when we might share another post focusing on wildlife. We encourage you to subscribe to the Platform blog, so you don’t miss out, and to follow us @SoundTransit on social media. 

And happy Earth Month! 

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