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Transit is sustainable: Hop on board this Earth Month!

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Sometimes, the benefits of public transportation on our environment are spelled out in front of us: reducing dependency on cars is a huge environmental win on the whole.  

With every ORCA tap, you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

But ‘beneath the (light rail) hood’ there’s always more than meets the eye – Sound Transit has set itself up to be sustainable beyond the most obvious benefits of getting cars off the road. 

Here’s a few sustainable accomplishments that help ensure that your journey is as friendly to our planet as it can be:

  • In our most recent sustainability report, we outlined that for every 1 ton of emissions Sound Transit uses, we offset 4 tons in the region! These avoided emissions are approximately equivalent to providing electricity for 38,000 homes for an entire year, or burning nearly 22 million gallons of gasoline!

  • We’re in the works to procure – with the help of a $9.3 million dollar grant – a fleet of battery electric buses to support our Stride bus rapid transit program. Stride’s three bus lines will connect the region using sustainable, rapid transit; and since they’re powered by electricity, it will be an emission-free way to travel from Burien to Bothell!

  • Not to steal Stride’s thunder, but did you know that Link light rail is also powered by electricity? 

  • As we continue to complete ST2 and ST3 projects, we know that new construction can come with some environmental impacts – which is why we have taken the reins to ensure that all future stations, and facilities we build are LEED Gold certified. This will ensure a gentle environmental footprint through the (long) lifespan of our system. 

  • Half of the journey is getting there – we know that many don’t want to rely on a full parking garage, bus connection, or possibly rainy bike commute to get to a light rail station. This is one of the reasons Sound Transit is investing in transit-oriented development (TOD). We currently are in the midst of planning, partnering, or constructing over 10 projects near essential transit infrastructure. This gives people the ability to live near transit, and to commute to work, run essential errands and participate in their community without the need for a car. Most of the housing in the TOD we develop is affordable.

With every ORCA tap, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. 

So hop on board and share your journey with us! We're @SoundTransit on social media. 

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