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A light rail guideway is under construction next to I-5.
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Get ready to sail past traffic on I-5 in four years.

Fresh pics: Lifting Lynnwood Link into place

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Anyone who travels along I-5 has seen the remarkable changes to the landscape being made as Sound Transit construction continues between Seattle and Snohomish County.

The Lynnwood Link Extension will serve four stations: Shoreline South/145th, Shoreline North/185th, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood City Center.

Sound Transit broke ground on the project last September, and crews have been busy since then! Among the progress:

  • More than 170 drilled shafts have been completed, leaving just 15 to finish.
  • More than 85 of the project’s 188 columns are complete.
  • More than 25 girder spans are finished.

This time lapse video shows of one of the girder spans being installed:

Lynnwood Link light rail service is scheduled to begin in 2024, shortly after the Northgate Link Extension opens in 2021.

Commuters from the Lynnwood Transit Center will enjoy 20-minute rides to the University of Washington, 27-minute rides to downtown Seattle and 60-minute rides to Sea-Tac Airport.

Trains from Lynnwood will also serve the Eastside and reach downtown Bellevue in 51 minutes. 

Civil construction is already more than 15 percent complete.

The project reached a milestone last week when its southernmost girders were joined to the northernmost segment of the Northgate extension project.

Check out some fresh pics of the work:

Construction crew members point at a large concrete girder.
Workin' on our night moves.
Construction crew members stand on a truck and look at a big concrete structure.
That's what we call an "oversize load."
A large girder spans the space between two columns. This photo was taken at night. Big spotlights shine on the structure.
Connecting to the "tail tracks" at Northgate Station.

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