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The ice train cometh

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Link stays up all night to keep you running in the morning

Link light rail reported no major delays this morning thanks to the hard work from overnight crews who ran trains all night to keep the tracks and power lines clear of snow. When the forecast calls for snow and ice, Link runs trains with heated pantographs (the part of the train that touches the overhead power lines) that helps melt any ice on the wires.

Switch heaters and shovels on the ground

Winter weather preparation doesn’t stop with ice trains. All 50 electric switches in the Sound Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility yard and several at strategic locations on the main train line are also equipped with special heaters to keep them from freezing up and locking in place overnight. It’s vital to keep those switches from freezing or collecting too much snow overnight so trains can deploy from the main yard every morning.

Our last defense against Mother Nature comes from good old manual labor – crews out with shovels and salt keeping the train platforms safe and clear. We appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes as we wait for trains on cold winter mornings and hope you will too next time you’re headed out to catch a train after a long, cold night.

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