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Photo of Overlake Village Station art "Verdant" by Leo Berk
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The inside of the bridge to Overlake Village Station features art by Leo Berk.

New bike and pedestrian bridges connect Eastside neighborhoods to the 2 Line

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If you live, work or play on the Eastside, hopefully you've had a chance to check out the new 2 Line since it opened last month!

The new line marks a big milestone in our regional system expansion, as we continue to build, test and now operate Link light rail service outside the city of Seattle. 

Connections up to Lynnwood, over to Downtown Redmond, across I-90 and down to Federal Way are coming soon. In the meantime, it's a great time to check out the eight new stations and surrounding communities! 

They're easier to access than ever - not just because of the new transit service, but all of the infrastructure that supports it, from sidewalks to massive bridges that cross highways. 

May is Bike Month, so cycle, walk, or roll over to the 2 Line via new connections at these stations:

Redmond Technology Station 

The City of Redmond, Sound Transit, and Microsoft celebrated the opening of the new Redmond Technology Station Bridge with a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 22. 

The bridge features functional canopies, landscaped planters with native plants, and benches to enhance the user experience. It connects not only to Redmond Technology Station, but also to the SR 520 transit flyer stop, a regional bike trail, and Microsoft’s west and east campuses. 

The bridge will improve safety and accessibility for thousands of residents and commuters daily. 

People walk across the new bridge by Redmond Technology Center

Overlake Village Station 

The pedestrian bridge at this station crosses SR 520 from the north end of Overlake Village Station to the 520 Bike Trail.

One of its standout features is the artwork, "Verdant" by Leo Berk. 

Constructed from regularly-spaced, aluminum louvers, the artwork will fully enclose both sides of the 500-foot long bridge. 

Looking straight down the length of the bridge from either end, the walls will appear solid; as one passes over the bridge, the images will seem to break apart as pedestrians or cyclists pass the gaps between the louvers.

The outside of the new bridge near Overlake Village Station, which crosses SR 520

Wilburton Station 

The Eastrail NE 8th St. bridge in central Bellevue will provide a critical pedestrian and bicycle crossing over NE 8th Street, one of the busiest streets on the Eastside. 

It is slated to open on June 23.

A 2 Line train at Wilburton Station, with trees and mountains in the background and the nearby pedestrian bridge in the front

The north side of the bridge will connect directly at ground level with Wilburton Station. With the upcoming redevelopment of Bellevue’s Wilburton neighborhood just to the south, the bridge will provide an essential safe crossing for trail users and the thousands of new commuters in the Wilburton area.

Due to the prominent position of the bridge a metal artistic cladding will wrap around the main bridge span. To honor the Japanese American heritage in the area, several art installations will be incorporated into the bridge. 

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